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SMSF Auditing

Qualified SMSF Auditors

Jennifer Harwood is a registered SMSF Auditor at Harwood Chartered Accountants. We offer independent self-managed super fund (SMSF) audits to accountants, tax agents, financial planners, and fund administrators across Australia.

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Are You Doing the Right Thing with Your SMSF Audits?

If you prepare SMSF financial statements and tax returns, it’s essential to have your client’s superfund independently audited.
The ATO has warned there will be a higher level of ATO audits of funds where an accountant prepares both the SMSF tax return and performs the audit. The professional accounting bodies also stipulate strict requirements for members who undertake SMSF audits to be independent of the individual or company that prepares the accounts and tax returns


We Have the Self Managed Super Fund Audit Solution You Need

To help make sure you’re doing the right thing, Harwood Chartered Accountants offer specialised, timely, and cost-effective auditing services from a professional SMSF Auditor to accountants, tax agents, and fund administrators across Australia.

We provide:

  • An efficient, guided process with checklists
  • Benefits & Pension Plans
  • Complete confidentiality

SMSF Audit at Competitive Rates

We offer a consistent and efficient level of service at competitive prices. While our prices commence from $440, variations could occur due to an increased level of complexity. Pricing for larger, more complicated fund audits will be quoted on a case by case basis. We are happy to discuss a tailored fee based on the SMSF to be audited.